Expert wooden kitchen worktop restoration in Streatham

Wooden Kitchen Worktop Restoration for Streatham

Are you looking for experts in wooden kitchen worktop restoration and repairs? If so, you are in safe hands with The Kitchen Worktop Restoration Company. Wooden kitchen worktops are often in heavy use and, over time, need some TLC. A popular feature in many kitchens and famed for their durability, they add warmth and character to any home. We are highly experienced in restoring wooden kitchen worktops to a pristine condition and also offer a range of repair services to keep them looking great.

We are highly experienced From our base in Carshalton, our talented restorers cover a radius of 50 miles, which includes the district of Streatham. When it comes to quality, our team prides itself on its workmanship and will always go the extra mile for our customers.

Damaged Wooden Kitchen Worktops

Wooden kitchen worktops often take the brunt of food preparation and, as a result, often see their fair share of scratches, scuffs, watermarks, stains, cracking and warping. However, these common issues can be resolved without investing in expensive replacements. Our restoration and repair experts use non-abrasive methods to lift stains and watermarks from surfaces without compromising the condition of the wood and leave your kitchen worktops looking as good as new.

Specialist Wooden Worktop Repair & Restoration

We work mostly with domestic customers but also take on commercial work, extending the life cycle of countless wooden kitchen worktops throughout Streatham. As a business, we care about reducing our carbon footprint, restoring and repairing wooden kitchen worktops whenever possible.

Our team has worked on countless projects and boasts excellent attention to detail. We ensure your kitchen units will be treated with respect and will tidy up any debris after we have finished our treatments. What’s more, we can also add a protective waterproof coating that can help prevent further damage.

Wooden Kitchen Worktop Sanding

Sanding is a tried and tested restoration method that levels out the surface of wooden worktops to reveal a new layer of wood. We use various grades of sandpaper that help draw out scratches and scuffs, taking care to complete the work carefully and efficiently.

Why Choose The Kitchen Worktop Restoration Company?

There are several reasons why customers turn to our kitchen worktop restoration company:

We are trustworthy and independently run

We offer free, no-obligation quotes

We use state-of-the-art equipment with tried and tested methods that are both safe and highly effective

We use dust-free extraction and only the best waterproof lacquer

All of our services are fully insured and guaranteed

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