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Damaged Wooden Kitchen Worktops in Croydon, Sutton & Surrounding Areas

Do you have damaged wooden kitchen worktops in need of repair? The repair experts at The Kitchen Worktop Restoration Company tackle a range of common issues with wooden kitchen worktops. Our team is highly competent and has plenty of experience working with various types of wood, so know how best to approach every task.

By turning to us, you can be assured that we will always treat your damaged wooden kitchen worktops with the respect and care they deserve, tailoring our service to your exact requirements. If you feel your wooden kitchen units need some TLC, our team will make a thorough assessment of your units and will be able to advise an appropriate course of action.

Types of Repair Work

From our base in Carshalton, our kitchen worktop repairs cover a radius of 50 miles, which includes the towns of Croydon, Streatham, Sutton, Wimbledon and the wider Surrey area. Whilst we mainly tackle domestic projects, we are also happy to help commercial customers with their wooden worktop repair needs. Our team take time to fully prepare the area for treatment and always tidy up afterwards, leaving you with refreshed worktops that give your kitchen a real uplift.

Below are some common examples of the repair work our team of experts can tackle:

Watermarks & Stains

Watermarks can leave unsightly blemishes on your wooden worktops, which can be tough to remove. Likewise, stains, such as tomato-based sauces, cannot always be removed using traditional cleaning methods. However, our team is highly skilled in the use of non-toxic oxalic crystals to gently and safely draw out watermarks and stains from wooden kitchen worktops without leaving residue.

Warping & Cracking

Dealing with warped and cracked wooden kitchen worktops can be difficult, which is why the expertise of a restoration expert is essential. We can help treat these issues, taking care not to compromise the structural integrity of your units so they have a smooth surface ready to reuse.

Scratches & Scuffs

Your kitchen worktops serve a purpose and, over time, begin to show signs of wear and tear. Scratches and scuffs are a natural consequence of heavy use and can diminish appearance. What’s more, dirt, dust and debris can become lodged in the gaps created, further compromising the quality of the wood.

We have tried and tested techniques to remove scratches and scuffs by cleaning the area and carefully sanding the affected wood to reveal a brand-new layer. We use tack cloths to remove any excess debris before applying an oil-based finish to leave your kitchen units as good as new.

Why Choose The Kitchen Worktop Restoration Company?

There are several reasons why customers turn to our kitchen worktop restoration company:

We are trustworthy and independently run

We offer free, no-obligation quotes

We use state-of-the-art equipment with tried and tested methods that are both safe and highly effective

We use dust-free extraction and only the best waterproof lacquer

All of our services are fully insured and guaranteed

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Are you dealing with damaged wooden kitchen worktops? Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can help.

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